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Issues That Call for a Boiler Repair in Brooklyn or Manhattan

There are quite a number of issues minor and major that can initiate a boiler repair. It is better not to overlook the tell-tale signs of trouble so that massive costs can be avoided on repairs and replacements later.

Issues That Call for a Boiler Repair in Brooklyn or Manhattan

Winters are supposed to be enjoyed in the company of near and dear ones sitting close to a blazing fire. However, if the home begins to begin cold, then all that fun will end much before it had started. You can blame it either on the broken boiler, or you can blame yourself for not being careful about the issues that it had started to show of late. If you would have been watchful of the issues, then you would not have been looking desperately for a technician who can offer you a boiler repair in Brooklyn in the middle of winter. So, know about the common tell-tale signs of trouble that your boiler had been giving of late.

Common boiler problems to look out for:

Following are the common boiler problems that every homeowner should be taking a note of:

Lack of heat and hot water

If there is no heat or hot water, then that is an obvious sign of problem with the boiler. Often airlocks, broken diaphragms, valve failure, low water or thermostat issues can be the causes and needs to be looked into.

Unusual noises

If the boiler is giving out strange noises like banging, whistling or gurgling, then that means there is air in the system. The strange noises could be coming from low water pressure or pump failure as well.

Pilot light is out

If the pilot light is out, then it can be because of broken thermocouple or a built-up deposit.

Drips and leaks

Drips and leaks are never good news. There can be many reasons for the same and it needs to be looked into by a technician.

Unit does not stay on

If the unit does not stay on, then there can be reasons like a broken thermostat, lack of water flow and low water pressure.

These are some of the common issues that a boiler can face over time. If you experience any of the same, then it is time for a boiler repair in Manhattan.

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