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Why Is Your Boiler Asking For a Boiler Repair in Queens

Why Is Your Boiler Asking For a Boiler Repair in Queens

Winters without hot water or heat is nothing less than nightmare. If you wish to avoid all that then you need to take good care of the boiler. Regular upkeep and showing the small glitches to the technician can help the boiler in good shape and not push you towards a boiler repair in Queens or  Brooklyn right in the middle of the chilling winters.

How to make out that the boiler is in trouble?

So what are the tell-tale signs that your boiler is not in good shape? Following are some of the warning signs that your boiler needs a repair badly:

The pilot light is not on - If you see that the pilot light is not on then be sure that something is not right with the boiler. Issue might be with the gas supply which might have been cut off by a broken thermocouple. You need to check for any build up of residue on the pilot light too which might be responsible for its failure.

Frozen condensate pipes - The condensate pipes of the boiler is helpful in transporting acidic water produced by water gas from the boiler to a drain outside. This pipe can get frozen. You boiler will come up with a fault code to make you aware of this issue.

Pressure issues - Check the pressure gauge and see if it is below 1. This can create a lot of pressure within the boiler.

Kettling - If you hear a deep rumbling sound from the boiler then the problem is severe and you should be considering boiler repair in Brooklyn without second thoughts. This is known as Kettling and it happens because of lime scale or sludge build up on the system’s heat exchanger. This causes restriction in the water flow and hence the formation of the sound.

Issues with the boiler can happen anytime. However getting them rectified in the middle of the winter can be problematic. To avoid a breakdown it is necessary to let a technician loo at it at the earliest.

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