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Can Carbon Monoxide Leaks Be the Reason For Furnace Repair in Staten Island or Queens

Furnace Repair in Staten Island

Furnace Repair in Staten Island

Carbon Monoxide leaks from the gas furnace can be extremely dangerous and life threatening. Being a colorless and odorless gas, carbon monoxide detection is not easy. If the gas is inhaled for a long time, then it can be fatal. It prevents the oxygen in the body from being used which causes harm to the body. That is why, this gas is also refereed as the silent killer. Unfortunately, gas furnaces are often thought to be the culprit for carbon monoxide leaks. Once identified, it calls for immediate furnace repair in Staten Island so that no harm comes to one.

Carbon monoxide leaks happen when cracks appear in the heat exchanger and combustion chamber in the furnace. It can all be avoided simply through following some simple methods:

  • Installing carbon monoxide detectors at home
  • Regularly replacing the air filters of the furnace
  • Yearly furnace maintenance

Keeping the furnace in good condition and maintaining the same can keep the furnace working and keep furnace repair in Queens at bay.

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